quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

The Great Bell Chant ( Simple wish..)

When everything seems to go fallind down around (in an Ego based perception ...) , when the reallity you perceive doesn´t fill you or answer you, go deeply inside ... close your eyes, stay still and quiet for a while ... yes, impermanence of forms scares us. Yet ... observe and realise that we are wider then this form ... observe and realise that beyond this form I am You and You are Me ... observe and find deep inside of you . Just make the experience.

"We may think of peace as the absence of war, that if the great powers would reduce their weapons arsenals, we could have peace. But if we look deeply into the weapons, we will see our own minds - our own prejudices, fears, and ignorance."
Thich Nhat Hanh

With a profound Love and reverence for my Beloved ... here and now, with a deep soul´s longing.

Music: "The Great Bell Chant" , read by Thich Nath Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem.
Images: "Ashes and Snow", Gregory Colbert , remembering the interdependence of existence ...(http://www.ashesandsnow.org/vision)

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